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October 20, 2016

 Being an entrepreneur requires constant learning. Everyday begins a new lesson.  Although entrepreneurship can be scary and full of unknowns, the venture is still very exciting and fulfilling.  In a recent article, written by Jonathan Long, he lists five pitfalls beginning entrepreneurs should avoid. Below I have listed them.


1.  Expecting Overnight Success - "go into it knowing that you may potentially need a long time to get your business off the ground." 


2.  Sitting back and assuming sales will roll in - "if nobody knows it exists, your business will die. You have to market your business and put it directly in front of your target audience."


3.  Failing to perform simple due diligence - "A basic word mark search through the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) should be your first step. If it looks like your business name isn’t going to infringe on a mark, see if the domain name is available and then move on to social media profiles."


4.  Not going in with a long-term plan - "Running a business "on the fly" without a well-thought-out plan is entrepreneurial suicide."


5.  Not embracing the lifestyle 100 percent. - "Starting a business requires more than media smarts. It requires that you embrace the lifestyle that comes with the territory. Long hours, constant problem-solving and stress are just a few things to expect".


Although it may sound horrific, being the boss is an awesome thing!  Read Jonathan Long's full article here:  Starting a Business in 2016? Avoid These 5 'Beginner' Mistakes

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