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January 9, 2017

Don't Give Up is often much easier said than done, especially when you are an entrepreneur, building a business from scratch while facing extreme hardship, struggle, self doubt, insecurity, and fear (just to name a few).  In an article posted on, contributor Neil Petch writes that there are "Four Startup Phases When An Entrepreneur (Simply) Must Not Give Up".

Here are some excerpts below, hope they inspire you to hold your ground.


Phase One: The idea stage "One minute you may be convinced that you have the next million-dollar idea, and the next minute those self doubts creep in, and you will start to feel like a failure before you've even put anything into action."


Phase Two: Going for it "doing all that extra work and seeing virtually no returns." "The key to surviving this particular phase is to appreciate the concept of delayed gratification. Sure, you are not seeing any success right now– but that is not because you are failing, it is because you are not there yet. Success comes later, and you have to believe that."


Phase Three: The first clients are in, but they are not enough


Phase Four: Too much work, not enough resources
"If you made it this far, well done– you are now in the fourth and final phase of “not giving up.”


Click below to read the entire article:



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