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YOUR IDEA WON'T SELL ITSELF - 5 Content Marketing Tips for Higher Conversions

Your idea won't sell itself! Here, I have compiled five marketing tips that will help you convert your website traffic into sales.


1.  “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing,” says Tom Fishburne of Marketoonist.  Whatever you do for marketing, let it come easy, it should not be hard to promote what you love.


2.  Avoid verbose headlines and go with short, simple, optimized titles that get the point        across.  Make those titles short and sweet.


3.  Blog consistently. Put your blogging on a schedule. This way your followers will know when to expect your great content.


4.  Share your own content and use the social sharing buttons next to your content. Using these buttons makes sharing so much easier.


5.  Pay close attention to your analytics so you can keep track of the most popular topics and      content types that are bringing in or driving traffic to your site. Analytics are so important, use them to figure out what is working and what will work in the future.


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